Vera Craine

Mrs Vera Craine (nee Jennings), one of the founder members of the Manx Amateur Dramatics organisation the Service Players, shares some of her memories with David Callister, including:

  • Theatre in the Isle of Man
  • The Service Players
  • The Bluebell Kelly School of Dancing
  • Family history
  • Holidays in the Isle of Man
  • Moving to the Isle of Man
  • Father’s wholesale fruit business
  • Dancing lessons and winning medals
  • Pantomimes at The Gaiety Theatre
  • Teaching dance at The Palais studio
  • Actor Jon Pertwee
  • Manx Amateur Dramatic Society
  • Competing in the Blackpool Festival
  • The Royal Navy and HMS Valkyrie
  • Starting a family
  • Death of Colonel Jeavons during a live performance


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